About Nurture Flow

Kindness First.

This is the beating heart of everything that we do in Nurture Flow.

Approaching every situation in your business with kindness will build better relationships with your clients. Not only will it help you existing clients but it will also set a great tone for the start of each new project.

Kindness isn’t a weakness, it’s a superpower. It’s your superpower!

Value First.

A core principle of any business is to lead with value. This doesn’t mean giving away the farm. Instead, you’re showing your audience that you’re an expert through the valuable content that you deliver.

Taking on a “value first” mindset sets you out from the crowd and helps you to stand above your competition. Use valuable content to talk directly to your target audience and help them with their problems.

Nurturing Is Important

Nurturing is the most important skill that you can possess in your arsenal. It’s the one thing that is present in every stage of a customer’s journey with your business. From the very first communication to the last.

Learning to nurture your audience effectively will help you to build a tribe of people who care about what you do.

Meet The Team

Matt Davies

Matt has been involved in the digital space as a web designer and marketer since the year 2000, owning a digital agency for 14 years.

As a firm believer in the kindness first methodology, Matt is currently writing a book on this topic, to help others.

Matt has a great love of lead generation and marketing funnels. He believes it’s important that everyone learns and masters the skill of nurturing.

Above all else, Matt wants to have a positive impact on the mental health of agency owners around the world.

Outside of work, Matt enjoys watching his favourite football (soccer) team, playing board games and geocaching with Mel.

Mel Fallon

Mel is our graphic design expert. As well as designing all of our illustrations and branding, Mel writes some of our fantastic content too.

Mel ran her own branding business since 2014 and has borrowed from her experience to solve each problem with a creative and human based approach. Drawing from this ethos, she has tried to instil a sense of holistic perspective in everything Nurture Flow creates. Mel believes that the foundation of every business should start with kindness.

Outside of work, Mel enjoys spending time enjoying nature, hiking, painting and looking for dinosaurs. You’ll often find her outdoors deliberating over asking somebody if she can pet their dog.