The Nurture Flow Podcast

#12 – Getting back on track

In this catch-up episode, Matt explains where the Nurture Flow podcast has been and why there was a hiatus. He also reveals which two countries he’s most popular in. Bet you can’t guess which!

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#11 – The power of thank you

In todays instalment of the Nurture Flow podcast, Matt talks about the power of thank you, and why spending a few extra seconds expressing gratitude can instantly improve someone’s entire day.

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#6 – How to qualify your clients

Have you ever ended up in a project you wished you’d never taken on? Today, Matt discusses how to qualify your clients and avoid the common pitfalls that many agency owners can fall into when working with new clients.

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#3 – Should you learn on the job?

Should you be taking on projects that you don’t know how to do and learning on the job? Join Matt as he explores this “grey area” that exists in our industry. He has three simple questions for you, that will define whether learning on the job is ethically right for you…. AND your client.

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