#12 - Getting back on track

December 1, 2021

In this catch-up episode, Matt explains where the Nurture Flow podcast has been and why there was a hiatus. He also reveals which two countries he’s most popular in. Bet you can’t guess which!


Hello friends, welcome to the 12th episode of the Nurture Flow podcast. My name is Matt and today I’m going to apologise for disappearing for a long time.

It has been a very long time since I last released a podcast episode. In fact, I think it stretches to just over a year now.

The delay certainly wasn’t for want of trying. I’ve had so many ideas for new episodes and conversations with people that would be perfect guests. The problem unfortunately came down to a lack of time.

Back in late 2020, the podcast went on a brief hiatus while we were running our Black Friday promotion. This was something that needed all hands on deck, as we get very busy at this time.

There were a lot of questions coming in about Funnel Packs from new and existing customers. Plus Mel and I were in the final stages of releasing a brand new product – Nurture Copy.

So my original plan was to give the podcast a short break for 2 or 3 weeks and then return back in early December.

Then the next episode date kept slipping.

Christmas was in the way, planning for the New Year came next and so on.

2021 as a whole has been a pretty horrific year for Mel and I. We’ve had a lot of personal health issues to deal with and some of those still aren’t resolved yet.

For most of the year, we’ve been running at 10-20% capacity. This meant that we had a huge strain on the amount of content we could create and some things had to fall by the wayside.

We didn’t run a promotion at all this year, aside from the Black Friday event that has just finished.

We didn’t create the blog posts, videos and podcast episodes that we wanted to.

We didn’t nurture our customers as much as we would’ve liked to.
We didn’t do all of the great things that we had planned each weekend.

All we focused on was creating the content that our customers were paying for in Funnel Packs and Nurture Copy. Anything outside of that became a bonus.

This isn’t all doom and gloom by the way, I just wanted to set the scene and to explain why the podcast has had such a long hiatus.

There have been many positive experiences this year too.

We’ve had some incredibly heart-warming interactions with our customers, many of which we’re proud to call our friends.

They’ve provided so much support to us and we’ve always tried our best to give them support in return. If it wasn’t for the patience, support and kindness of our customers I’m honestly not sure how we would’ve made it through this year.

Mel and I also got engaged in October. After 7.5 years I finally asked her if she’d like to be my wife and she said yes. That was one of the proudest moments of my life so far.

As I say that, I’d like to give a really special shout out to Alison. She unknowingly made a really kind gesture to Mel and I a few weeks ago, that meant we could finally celebrate our engagement. It meant so much to both of us.

So what’s coming next?

Well firstly, I am feeling better – hence why there’s a brand new podcast episode.

I still have daily headaches, which have been a thing for almost three years now. But I am feeling better.

Mentally I’m in a better space and I’m dearly looking forward to 2021 being behind us.

I have many plans for the Nurture Flow podcast as we move into 2022. I’ve got some interesting guests lined up and hey, maybe I’ll even persuade Mel to join me for an episode!

So if you’re interested in talking about digital agency life, running a software business, looking after your mental health… or you just really enjoy a random British guy talking, you’ll be in for a treat.

That last bit actually is quite interesting.
I had a look at the podcast stats for the last year and the two countries that had the most downloads are not natively English speaking countries.

Much like David Hasselhoff, I appear to be very popular in Germany. And the second most popular country is Brazil.

Hello to you if you’re listening from one of those two countries. I’d love it if you stopped by the nurtureflow.com website to let me know how you found out about the podcast.

Either way, there’s more to come and thank you so much for your patience if you’re still subscribed and this episode has randomly appeared in your feed.

At this point, I’d normally have an outro asking you to subscribe or consider leaving a rating – but this was just an update episode. We’ll try that next time.

Thanks so much for listening.

I hope you have a wonderful day ahead!

You’re awesome.

Take care.

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