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August 27, 2020

In this very first episode, you’ll be introduced to your host Matt Davies. Learn about what the Nurture Flow podcast is all about, who it’s for and how you can be involved.

Hello and welcome! As you’ve just heard in that intro, this is the Nurture Flow podcast. And you’re listing to the very first episode…

I want to thank you for checking out this first episode. It’s great to have you here and I appreciate you giving up a few minutes of your time today to listen.

As this is the first episode, I’d love to take a moment to let you know what this podcast is all about and to set out some expectations as we move forwards.

Let’s start with who I am…

My name is Matt Davies and I’ve been in the web design and marketing space since the year 2000. In the early years I worked as a freelancer, and from 2006 to 2020 I owned a digital agency in West Sussex, here in the UK.

Last year in 2019, my partner Mel and I founded Funnel Packs. This is where we sell pre-built marketing funnels to help digital agencies, freelancers and marketers generate more leads for their business. If that sounds like something you’re interested in, you can learn more over at funnelpacks.com

So, what’s “Nurture Flow” all about?

Well aside from being the official legal name for our business here in the UK – it defines what Mel and I are most passionate about. Which is helping our customers to generate more leads for their business and to nurture those leads, building better relationships.

Over time, we’ll be releasing additional products and brands, alongside Funnel Packs, that will fit inside the Nurture Flow ecosystem.

Some of you may now be asking why exactly we’re doing a podcast…

Yes, I realise that there’s a podcast bandwagon that we’re joining, particularly at the time of recording this episode. It’s the middle of 2020, in what has been a year that very few people predicted. The digital landscape is changing and the way that we’re working and accessing information is going to continue to evolve.

I’m passionate about reaching out and helping agency owners to navigate the changing landscape. I want to help you to thrive on the digital revolution that we’re going to be experiencing over the next few years. Most importantly, I care about your mental health. I’m a big advocate for mental health, it’s a very important topic to me.

Each episode of the Nurture Flow podcast will be between 10-30 minutes in length. They should last long enough to go alongside a delicious cup of coffee and perhaps a cookie or a muffin. There’ll be a mixture of solo shows and interviews with friends and peers in the digital world.

Some of the topics that we’ll be covering include:

    ▪    Marketing Funnels

    ▪    Email Nurturing

    ▪    Lead Generation

    ▪    Agency Life

    ▪    Copywriting

    ▪    Conversion Optimisation

    ▪    Marketing Psychology

    ▪    Mental Health

    ▪    and much more…

The Nurture Flow podcast is going to be released every week on a Tuesday afternoon.

If my plan has gone well in terms of getting thing started, there should be a few episodes released already that you can listen to right now. So if you’re listening to this first episode, do go ahead and check out some of the other content that has been released as well.

Now… a little request from me…

If you like the sound of the podcast and you want to get notified about new episodes, please take a moment and subscribe to the podcast. You should be able to do this on the device or application that you’re currently listening to the podcast on.

In addition, if you’re listening to this on the Nurture Flow website, there are some links out to podcast feeds that you can subscribe to, as well as a form where you can join the email notification list. I’ll be sending out an email every week when we release a new episode.

Finally, if there’s a topic that you’d love to hear about in a future podcast episode please head over to NurtureFlow.com and use the contact form. Let me know what topics you’re interested in, if there’s any specific advice that you need or anything that you’re stuck on right now. These are all things that I’d love to help you with, as well as the wider world, by creating podcast content.

Okay that’s about everything for this very first episode. Thank you for allowing me to be in your ears for a few moments today. It’s time for you to hit the subscribe button and if you have time, why don’t you load up another episode now and I’ll see you there.

Have a great day ahead, you’re awesome, take care!

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